San Francisco

Founded in 2016

Sergii Dumyk – Co-founder, multimedia artist
Ira Prokopets – Co-founder, producer, writer
Kirill Kowalevsky – Co-founder, techical director
Elder Snayz – artist member, software engineer
Elese Moran – artist member, photographer, filmmaker
Jacob Rafati – Co-founder, multimedia artist



Letters 2
is a collection of documented evidence presented by real people in order to educate machines on the virtues of humanity on their path of understanding the living and developing wisdom.  A proof of concept for travel and art-collaboration, an original idea and drive for Venice, CA

 Ira Prokopets, Glenn Zucman (artist & arts educator from Los Angeles, California)

Post-scarcity Art
a series of live interviews on modern lifestyles embracing minimalist, post-consumerist and self-sustainable approaches within the state of abundancy.  San Francisco, CA

 Sergii Dumyk, Kirill Kowalevsky, Ira Prokopets, Elese Moran, Elder Snayz

Gender Graph
an app that uses machine learning to reveal gender biases in specific media sources. Users can plot where words lie on a scale of (he) to (she), and observe the differences that exist in the way we perceive gender in the media.  San Francisco, CA

 Elder Snayz, Kirill Kowalevsky

Asking For Sex
an interactive documentary, web series and machine learning project. Represents the research on consent in human relations around the world. Started as interviews with 10 men from San Francisco Bay Area. We want 10000 stories like these to be told. Our goal is to educate AI on consent. San Francisco, CA

 Elese Moran, Ira Prokopets, Sergii Dumyk, Kirill Kowalevsky, Elder Snayz

Studio SF 24/360
a 24-hour 360 degree live stream from the center of San Francisco, California as a proof of live tv concept. Took place on April 30th, 2017.

 Ira Prokopets, Sergii Dumyk, Kirill Kowalevsky, Elder Snayz, Elese Moran,